About xSource

As many small businesses, ours started in the second bedroom of our Coogee flat, this was back 2011.

From the beginning we set the goal on building XSOURCE CONTROL by providing full financial support and helping other businesses run theirs with a minimal effort. We are a true “plug & play” solution – we meet, we get to know you, setup the systems and start producing results every single time.

Our focus on simplifying processes and providing user-ready solutions that let business owner focus on growing their enterprise.

Every team member is a tertiary educated accountant, Xero certified compliance expert, each having an additional area of expertise such as

  • cloud based solutions;
  • process, policy and operational roll out;
  • HR and payroll expertise;
  • company secretarial;
  • CFO business modeling and risk assessments;
  • tax compliance

Ensuring we can reach the optimal result for every type of business.

We have been supporting business owners in all aspects of financial control from daily accounts, payroll, HR, tax to full CFO advisory of large SMEs.

We follow a comprehensive model in supporting a business operator like you:

  • deploying cloud based solutions to keep your infrastructure efficient,
  • providing regular reporting so you know where your business is heading,
  • taking care of liaison with the government agencies (ATO, ASIC, Workcover, etc),
  • supporting you in board and investor meetings,
  • assisting in every step of capital raise and modeling,
  • being there during hiring and firing process,
  • mitigating risks, reviewing insurances and contracts

All resulting in effective tools to make sound business decisions and take your business further.


xSource Team xmass
xSource Team wishes you a Merry Christmas